Canadian Law

Canada has no abortion laws


Canadian Law

Canada has no abortion laws

In Canada there are no abortion laws, making it legal to get an abortion at any point during a pregnancy, for any reason, right up until the moment of birth.

Canada is the ONLY Western country without abortion legislation. 

Because preborn babies are not considered human beings under the law, they have no legal protection. It is not considered an offence to injure or kill a preborn baby before or during his/ her birth.

On April 7, 2017, Arianna Goberdhan and her daughter Asaara were murdered. The killer was only charged with one count of murder.

Facts About Abortion in Canada:

  • Sex-selection abortion is legal.

  • Abortion of children because of disability or medical issues is legal.

  • Abortion is paid for by your tax dollars. (Except for private clinic abortions in New Brunswick. However, New Brunswick taxpayers still fund hospital abortions.)




Approximately 100 000 surgical abortions are performed each year in Canada. (5)

1 in 4

Canadian pregnancies end in abortion. (1)

3% at risk

Only 3% of abortions are performed because of ‘health risk to the mother’. (2)


About half of women with unplanned pregnancies choose abortion. (3)

Fewer than 1%

offer the child for adoption.

Less than 1%

of abortions are for cases of rape
or incest. (2)


Today abortion is used as a ‘back-up’ form of birth control in 96% of instances. (4)

8-10 Years

Couples wanting to adopt have to wait approximately 8-10 years to adopt a baby.


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Abortion Procedures

Medical Abortion: Drugs are used to empty the uterus.

Surgical Abortion: Instruments are used to remove the embryo/ fetus and placental tissue.

Induction Abortion: A lethal injection is used to kill the fetus and labour is induced to deliver the dead fetus.

1st Trimester

Medical Abortion: Abortion Pills   

Surgical Abortion: Aspiration dilatation and curettage (D&C)    

2nd trimester

Surgical Abortion: Dilation and Evacuation (D&E)    


3rd trimester

Induction Abortion: Injection and Stillbirth    


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