We encourage women to choose LIFE for their children; we know it is the better option, but we also know that it's not easy. If a young/single woman chooses to parent her child, she may face many challenges and obstacles throughout her life, but we also know that women are strong enough to rise up and embrace motherhood!

This Christmas we decided to try something new: we wanted to bring some love and encouragement to a young single mom, so we reached out to the local community and asked if people would like to help us 'Sponsor a Family' for Christmas!

The family is a young, single mom living in the Greater Toronto Area and her 18-month-old twins! We weren't sure what to expect, or if we'd even get enough donations to put together a small package of gifts for this family, but the response was overwhelming! Individuals from the community gave generously, and we had one small business owner say he'd match the value of his employees' donations...and match them he did! (Thank you Signature Aluminum Canada!!)

We were able to purchase everything on this mom's 'Wish List'! We were also able to get her everything needed to make a traditional Christmas Dinner. With the rest of the money, we purchased some gift cards she can use for groceries and other items as needed.

We wanted to show this young single mom that we commend her for choosing life for her babies, and that her family is valued, supported and loved by her community.

Thank you to everyone who donated, and Merry Christmas!

And a special Merry Christmas to 'S' and babies 'D' and 'B'!