National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day Was Awesome!

We put together some of our fav pics from the day. Thank you to all who participated by being a walking ad for LIFE! #NPLTD17

These 2 cuties were rocking their pro-life tees!

Huge shout-out to the Burlock fam! All 5 sported our CHOOSE LOVE tees!

"πŸ’œPro-Life family.πŸ’œ Nothing is more important than LIFE and protecting it." - Patti


Our girl Megan wearing her shirt at work.

"Choose LOVE, Choose LIFE! CHOICE42 Happy #NationalProLifeTShirtDay! Couldn't be happier to wear my tshirt proudly today at work! ❀ #makeachoiceyoucanBOTHLIVEwith A life is a life no matter how small- Dr Seuss

Facing an unplanned pregnancy?! You are NOT alone! There is help! There is support! & most importantly there is LOVE!! Please visit" - Megan


    Angela rocking her tee in Alberta!


    Our CHOICE42 Team was representing in Ontario!

    Our Special Event Coordinator - Elizabeth

    Our Special Event Coordinator - Elizabeth

    Our Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator - Rebecca

    Our Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator - Rebecca

    Our Director - Laura

    Our Director - Laura

    "mommin' is the toughest, yet most rewarding emotional rollercoaster you can imagine! as a mom, i am stretched thin and in so many different directions all at once, but the deep love i have for my kids is what gives me purpose to start again each day! circumstances may have brought you to a place where you find yourself pregnant, but don't feel emotionally or physically able to be a mom. it's ok to be scared! it's normal to be uncertain! if you are overwhelmed or alone, i urge you to seek a safe haven @choicefortwo there are so many options for you and your precious baby! i urge you to choose love... i urge you to choose LIFE πŸ’› let's speak up, Canada, for those who don't yet have a voice! #npltd17" - Sonja

    Thanks again to all who participated! It was great to have people all across the country taking a stand for LIFE!

    -CHOICE42 Team

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