Think pro-lifers should quit pushing for abortion laws and start actually helping women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy?

Well this is awkward...

As a pro-life organization, we're accused almost daily of 'only caring about the baby until it's born'. This overused argument is in fact, totally wrong. Our website has Canada's largest database of pregnancy support services. Helping women and babies find support before birth and FOR YEARS AFTER is kind of our thing.  

CHOICE42 is not political; we're not involved with trying to change laws. There are some really awesome orgs in Canada out there already doing that...and to be clear, we DO need a law. Abortion on demand throughout all 9 months is horrifying. 

But back to being 'pro-birth'. It might interest you to know that Canada's political pro-life organizations are also very committed to helping women and babies before birth and FOR YEARS AFTER. In fact, some of the major players in the political world like Campaign Life Coalition and We Need A Law have buttons right on their homepages linking to our Resource Database. Why? Because they care about women and babies: during pregnancy and FOR YEARS AFTER. Find an abortion clinic that offers a woman any type of support after her abortion. No? Hmmmm... it's only those pesky 'pro-birthers' offering post-abortive support and counselling. 

So the next time someone tries to shut-down your pro-life argument by calling you 'pro-birth', kindly refer them to our nation-wide database of support for pregnant women...during pregnancy and FOR YEARS AFTER. #JustSaying