Laura Klassen

Unplanned is set to open on July 12th in select theaters across Canada and almost everyone is riled up. Pro-Aborts believe the movie to be ‘dangerous propaganda’ and are urging theaters (as well as threatening theater employees) not to show it.

The Anti-Abortion crowd seems to be divided. Many are excited to see the much talked about film depicting the real story of former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson, while others are skeptical, suggesting that there are holes in Johnson’s story.

I’ve watched Unplanned a few times now at private screenings and I think it’s incredibly powerful. The basis of the film is that Abby Johnson left her job at Planned Parenthood after witnessing the ultrasound of a 13-week-old fetus being aborted. The movie does a great job of that scene in particular. Whether you believe that Abby actually witnessed that or not, the movie portrays exactly what happens during a 13-week abortion.

The film also shows the reality of the abortion pill. Abby’s character took the abortion pill herself and was shocked at the amount of pain and blood involved with the easy ‘do-it-yourself-in-the-comfort-of-your-own-home’ procedure. In my work with CHOICE42, I have heard from many young women that the abortion pill experience was not at all what they had been expecting. They were told they would have some light cramping, but in fact experienced “hours and hours of extreme pain and a massive amount of blood” (as one woman told me recently).

Despite pressure to back down, Cineplex is defending their decision to show the film. I applaud them for that. In a country where it seems free-speech is subjective, it’s encouraging to see Cineplex take a stand.

No, the film isn’t perfect. What film is? I know that people have their qualms with various aspects of the movie, but overall I believe it has the potential to awaken Canadians to the reality of abortion. You know, abortion that is not legally restricted, and is paid for by our tax-dollars here in Canada.

So let’s continue to push this issue forward even though our leadership has deemed the ‘conversation to be over’. (Which it’s obviously not!)

The movie runs for one week at select theaters. I’ll be there, will you?