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Pregnancy Announcement Destroys "My Body My Choice"


Pregnancy Announcement Destroys "My Body My Choice"

There's a Body Inside My Body

Tired of hearing, "my body, my choice" pretty much everywhere? So are we. It's time we updated this phrase to reflect reality. 

In our latest video, CHOICE42 director, Laura Klassen announces her pregnancy and takes the opportunity to point out how scientifically incorrect the catchy phrase is.


"My body does not have two heads, four arms, or twenty toes," says Klassen in the video. "If I were to get an abortion, I wouldn't be aborting my own body, I'd be aborting the body inside my body."

Off screen, Klassen explains why she wanted to make the edgy video.

"People love to use, 'my body, my choice' as the ultimate excuse for abortion, but no, it's not your body being aborted," she says. "'My body, my choice' is out of date and it's just wrong. It completely ignores the other body involved in a woman's pregnancy: her innocent baby's body. People use the word 'choice' to gloss over the fact that a human being is killed in an abortion."


The video goes on to suggest that "instead of 'my body, my choice', what we should be saying is, 'our bodies, my choice.'"

"When you're pregnant and working in the pro-life movement, the reality of abortion hits you really hard," says Klassen. "You know that the baby inside you is a tiny human being. My baby will get his/her chance at life because of my choice, but so many other babies won't because their mothers won't choose life for them."

The one-minute video ends with, "so there you go. Our bodies, my choice. It might not sound as nice, but at least it's accurate."

"I'm sure the video will anger a lot of people," Klassen admits. "No one who is pro-abortion likes to be faced with the reality of what abortion really is."

"I think 'our bodies, my choice' is the accurate way to describe what happens in an abortion," concludes Klassen. "Though legally it's a woman's choice, she's choosing for two. She's deciding the path her own life will take, but she's also deciding whether or not her pre-born child will even get his/her chance at life."