You are not alone! confidential assistance and support is available in your area:

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Each province/territory has a list of:

  • Pregnancy Centres: Free and confidential centres that offer non-judgemental pregnancy counselling, free baby supplies, school and career planning, housing information, parenting classes, post-abortion counselling and much more.
  • Maternity Homes: Homes for pregnant women who need a place to live. (Mothers and babies are able to live at the home for a period of time after the birth as well.)
  • Private Adoption Agencies
  • Public Adoption Agencies
  • Abortion Recovery Organizations

If you are unable to locate a support centre in your area, please visit Online Care.

To talk to someone right away, please visit Pregnancy Decision Line or Option Line.

Not sure what Pregnancy Centres and Maternity Homes are all about?

A look at one woman's experience with Hope for Women Pregnancy Services in Abbotsford, BC.

Global TV visited W.I.N.G.S. Maternity Home in Ajax, ON.


NEW! Sobeys Pharmacy's Baby Be Healthy program offers FREE Prenatal Vitamins to pregnant women! 

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