"My story of abortion happened when I was 17 years old. I was just starting my senior year of high school and excited about that year and my future. Finding out that I was pregnant did not fit into my plans and I quickly was able to gather enough money from friends to have an abortion. On September 17, 1988 I walked into the clinic, confirmed the pregnancy with a test and went in for the procedure.... As I lay there I remember staring at a Garfield poster that read, "Hang In There!" I began to cry. I was scared and I was anxious to leave the clinic and resume my life.

The choice I made that day is one I think of often. A few years later when I became pregnant with my first born son is when I was convicted about the fact I had taken an actual life. When I saw his heartbeat on the sonogram monitor I knew. That was a time of accepting what I'd done and then learning to forgive myself. My beliefs and faith let me know that I had been forgiven.

I would encourage those contemplating abortion to educate yourself about the baby's development, ask for a sonogram to see the life within you. I regret not knowing and not understanding the decision I was making and how it would stay with me for the rest of my days. Be informed, really informed! Know there is help, support and resources to guide you through this. Don't do it alone. You're not alone." - Julie