Adoption is a gift: the gift of life for your baby, and the gift of a family for a couple desperate to have a child. The path you are considering traveling along is paved by pure sacrifice; it is truly an act of unconditional love.

Mothers who make the choice of adoption for their child are able to see the bigger picture and act accordingly. You are a mother and what makes you a mother is your love and willingness to place the needs of your child before yourself. 

Across Canada there are hundreds of loving adoptive families waiting to be selected to become parents. Couples often wait many years (on average, 8 years!) with the hope of adopting a child and becoming a 'forever family'. Many never get to experience the joy of parenthood as the waiting lists are long with so few babies being given the gift of life.

The very definition of LOVE is a Birthmother’s love for her unborn child.
— Cora

Adoptive Mom Cora shares some powerful insights about adoption. Hear the special message she has for any pregnant woman considering choosing adoption as an option.

Private Adoption

You have an opportunity to personally choose an adoptive family for your child by working with a private adoption agency. All private adoption agencies provide birth parents with pre and post adoption support and counseling. Birth parents have complete control over how their child's adoption story will look. Some choose open adoption where they have regular contact with their birth child, while others may choose limited or no contact.

Public Adoption

Public adoptions are arranged by a public or government agency, such as Children’s Aid. As the birth mother, you would have little to no involvement in the process.


Meeting their adopted baby for the first time

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The beginning of someone’s life is not the end of mine. I experienced a series of tragic events in 7th grade. In 8th grade, I switched schools and immediately bonded with my new religion teacher. She completely renewed my faith in God, and helped shape the woman I am today.

Ten years later, I found out I was pregnant... Catholic, single, and (to my standards) unfit to raise a child, I was beyond terrified. With abortion being out of the question, the first person I turned to was my priest. I asked him if he knew of anyone in our parish looking to adopt, and he sent me my 8th grade teacher’s email address. This was fate. I have never been so sure about anything in my entire life. God sent this woman to me ten years ago, and now He is sending me to her. My time to be a mother will come, but this is her time now." -Gretta

You have an important decision to make for your future, and for the future of your unborn baby. Adoption is an amazing gift of life and a reflection of the love that you have for your child.

For information on Adoption Agencies in your area, visit the Resources page.  You can contact the agency directly, or contact your local Pregnancy Centre to help you through the process.

Make a choice you can both live with