Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy? 

You may be feeling any number of ways: shocked, scared, excited, overwhelmed… we are here to support you. Our advice? Don’t rush into making your decision: it’s a huge one.

It’s your choice…but know that you are making a choice for two.

You are choosing the path that your own life will take, but you are also choosing whether or not your unborn child will get his or her chance at life.

Know the facts about your pregnancy.

Click here to see what your baby looks like right now.

Know that you are not alone.

There are organizations and people all across the country who want to help you. Contact your local Pregnancy Centre to talk things through with non-judgemental, supportive staff. Click here for a list of Pregnancy Centres in your area.

Be informed about all of your options

we've been in your shoes


Make a choice you can both live with