Not Empowering Series

"Knowing what I allowed to happen to that baby...it just broke me."


Our CHOOSE LIFE video series was created to show women that they are not alone and that they are strong enough to choose LIFE!

She was homeless, an alcoholic, a drug user, and PREGNANT. She chose LIFE and it changed HER life!

She was raped. Five weeks later she found out she was pregnant...

She had her abortion appointment booked. Hear the words that changed her mind and inspired her to choose life!

Adoptive Mom Cora shares some powerful insights about adoption. Hear the special message she has for any pregnant woman considering choosing adoption as an option.

#JustSaying Series

Our #JustSaying video series challenges the abortion status quo.

We kill them because we care. #JustSaying #BetterOffDead
SHOCKING! Puppy Abortion!?? Did you know this was happening?!
The truth about Prenatal Genetic Testing. #JustSaying #WorldDownSyndromeDay
The 'A Word'. It's nasty... #JustSaying #AWord
You can't have an opinion! #JustSaying

Human Rights. You may think you've always had yours, but you would be wrong!

Controversial pregnancy announcement destroys #MyBodyMyChoice.


For the first time in two years, Sherry Goberdhan speaks out about the murder of her family members. On April 7, 2017, Arianna Goberdhan and her daughter Asaara were murdered in Pickering, Ontario. The killer was only charged with one count of murder.
Did they take it too far?

Wake Up Canada! This is not ok. Let's start the discussion about abortion in this country.

Choice42 is a Canadian Non-Profit Organization. We are Pro-Women, Pro-Babies and Pro-LIFE. We aim to educate Canadians about abortion in Canada and to support women who are faced with unplanned pregnancy.