We are excited to bring some Christmas cheer again this year to a number of young single moms in the Durham Region! 

Sponsor a young single mom and her children this Christmas!

Are you a member of a company located in the Durham Region? Do you belong to a church, organization or other group that would like to make this Christmas extra special for a young mom and her family?

How it works

Get a group of your co-workers, friends or family on board to sponsor a family together. Contact us and we will send you a young mom's Wish List. This list will include items for the young mom and her child/children. Your group can choose to purchase some or all of the items on her list. Some members of your group may prefer to just donate money and this money will be used to buy the food items needed for the young mom to make a traditional Christmas Dinner. (Don't worry, we'll do the food shopping ourselves!)

How much does it cost?

That depends on how much your group wants to spend! We will send you a mom's Wish List, but it is up to your group to decide if you will purchase some, most, or all of the items! On average, we estimate you might spend $300-$500 (including money to cover the food items for a Christmas dinner - $100).

How will the Wish List items be delivered?

Members of our CHOICE42 Team will come and pick them up, or we will arrange for you to drop them off to us. We will then wrap the gifts and deliver everything to the young mom a few days before Christmas.

Should we wrap the gifts?

No! We will take care of that! Also, we need to be able to see the items so we know what we will be delivering.

Can we include gift items that are not on the mom's Wish List?

Sure! If you have an idea of something a young mom or her kids might enjoy, go for it! Surprises are fun!

Can we include items that are not brand new?

No. We want to make sure these young moms feel appreciated and loved by their community. Though second-hand items may be perfectly usable, it's just not as nice to receive something used. 

What if I'm not in the Durham Region?

Though we'd love to see this special project expand across the country, for now we're only able to sponsor moms in the Durham Region, ON. If you would like to donate to help sponsor a mom and her family in the Durham Region, you can do so here.

Interested in sponsoring a young single mom and her children this Christmas? Contact us and we'll get the ball rolling! 

Have questions? Contact us and we'd be happy to answer them!

Our 2017 CHOICE42 Christmas Sponsors

South African Moms - Sponsoring 1 family

Westney Heights Baptist Church Women's Small Groups - Sponsoring 1 family

The Temple Family - Sponsoring 1 family

Westney Heights Youth Group - Sponsoring 2 families

Signature Aluminum Canada - Sponsoring 2 families