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We asked Canadian Pregnancy Resource Centres to submit the names of clients who they thought would most benefit from some Christmas cheer! Applications came pouring in from across the country. We chose six women who are in great financial need who are trying their best to better their lives for their children.

We’ve set up an Amazon gift registry for each mom based on her particular needs and wishes. When you purchase an item, it will be delivered to her local Pregnancy Resource Centre for her to pick up.

Please be sure to choose the correct shipping address! It will be marked as the ‘Gift Registry Address’.



Laure, 18, found out she was pregnant at 4 months and was in complete shock. She was no longer with the father of her child, was homeless and had been estranged from her family after living in numerous group homes throughout adolescence. Once her family did become aware of the situation, they put enormous amounts of pressure on Laure to have an abortion. She had an appointment scheduled to terminate, but ended up falling on her abdomen and needing an ultrasound. Her eyes were opened and she was no longer convinced of her choice. She came in to see us at that point. Previously, she had lived a party lifestyle, and was still surrounded by friends who were involved in the sex-industry; including baby's dad- who is currently in prison for 8 counts of human trafficking. Despite the "easy" money that could have been made, she turned away from that lifestyle to focus on being a better person and mother. 

Laure has a baby boy now, 4 months old. She has recently gotten her own apartment and is working hard to be strict with her budget and learning new skills; such as cooking meals from scratch and grocery shopping. She is currently unemployed, does not drive and has limited family support.  She is not only a single mum, but also helping her own mother who is in the hospital with Polio and severe diabetes, as well as aiding her own siblings... 

Laure is trying to rebuild her credit, maximize her money but is living on a very limited income. It is extremely hard to make ends meet, despite the fact that she is working so hard to manage well.



Deborah is a mother of 2. She had every situation against her to give up having her daughter. However, she chose to parent even while she was homeless. Deborah has overcome many challenges and hardship, and is proactive and resilient. In all things, she stayed positive and hopeful. She's benefited from the programs and services of the Pregnancy Care Centre and followed through on every support. Her greatest desire is to be an example to her children. She volunteered, took upgraded classes, budgeted her small finances and received 2 days work thereafter. She did all of this despite currently being in great financial need. Her goal is to gain work experience so she can provide for her and her children with full-time work.



Kristi is a single mother raising her 15-month-old daughter. Kristi’s pregnancy was a complete shock as she had been told it would be unlikely for her to be able to have children. Kristi was not in a position to raise a child and was barely making ends meet. Kristi chose to keep her baby. Once her daughter was born, Kristi was no longer able to work because of her daughter’s medical needs.



Angie is a single mom of a 7-year-old girl and is expecting twin boys in March. The pregnancy was unplanned and the father is not in the picture. Angie struggles financially and is overwhelmed at the thought of having two newborns.



Roberta is a single mom on disability. She has three children - a boy, 4, a girl, 2, and a one month old girl. She struggles to make ends meet. Every month she wonders how she will be able to stretch her disability income to provide the basics for her family.



Upon discovering she was pregnant, Susan’s partner asked her to get an abortion but she refused. Together they moved to Ontario under the promise that her partner would take care of her and the baby, he did not. The relationship ended badly and Susan was also abandoned by her family for not having finished school and leaving to have her baby. Susan and her child are now living in a shelter with no family, no financial support, and no support from her ex-partner. But she didn’t let that stop her. She has demonstrated immense determination in taking care of her son and enrolling back in school all while still living in the shelter. She is now doing a placement in a daycare center. Her desire to change her situation and pursue her goals under the harsh circumstance shows courage, resilience and bravery. 



Thank you!


Rebecca Charlton
CHOICE42 Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator