It’s that time again!

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re now taking applications for our CHOICE42 CHRISTMAS SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM!

This year we’ll be creating TEN Christmas Amazon Registries for ten moms and their children from all across Canada.

How it works

  • We ask Pregnancy Centres from across Canada to submit applications on behalf of up to two of their current clients.

  • From these applications, we choose ten mommas and create Christmas Amazon Registries for them and their children based on their personal needs/wants.

  • We post these registries to our social media and people from across Canada (and even from across the world!) are able to purchase gifts which will be delivered directly to the recipient’s home.

*The women’s identities and delivery addresses are kept confidential.

Important Info

  • At this time, we are only accepting applications for single moms. Women who are pregnant with their first child are included.

  • Only Canadian Centres may apply.

  • Each centre may submit applications for up to two clients. A separate application must be submitted for each client.

  • The Pregnancy Resource Centre Worker who submits the application is responsible to ensure that an adequate delivery address is provided. Amazon will only try to deliver each package once or twice before returning it and refunding the money to the buyer. CHOICE42 cannot recover any package that has been returned.

Click below to apply!

We’ll be accepting applications until October 21st, 2019.