One of the biggest lies the world tells a young or single pregnant woman is that she is not strong enough to be a mom. We're here to tell you that you are.

Unplanned pregnancy is not what you were expecting and in this moment it feels like it wrecks everything. You had a plan: to finish school, travel, get a good job, find your soul mate and then, maybe, have a child. Instead, here you are coping with this surprise. Right now you're thinking it can't work and that you will have to give up everything. But you don't! This is not something that is a someone. You may have to be creative and ask for help, but you can do this and still have your life too. Children aren't like houses and cars and education; they are the people we share our journey with. It may not be perfect timing, but it still can be an amazing journey.

Help is out there!

Contact your local Pregnancy Centre here for free and confidential services. Your Pregnancy Centre can provide you with free baby supplies (diapers, baby food, formula, clothing, strollers, highchairs, etc.), school and career planning, housing information, parenting classes, & much more!

We’re not saying parenting will be easy…but will it be worth it? Oh yeah. You’ve never experienced a love like this.