"At our halfway ultrasound, we found out that our Monochorionic-Diamniotic (MoDi) identical twin girls, (meaning they had their own sacs and shared a placenta) had a size and weight discrepancy. We were referred to a specialist and given the diagnosis of IUGR, Intrauterine Growth Restriction. Our "Baby B" was not receiving enough nutrients as she should to grow. One of the options we were given was to end our small daughter's life to give our bigger daughter a better chance at life. This was not an option for us, nor had it ever crossed our minds. The fact this "option" was so easily suggested to us was shocking, especially after numerous times of clearly seeing, hearing and feeling our daughter. We already knew her.

At 31 weeks gestation our "Baby B" had stopped growing. The doctors did not think they were going to make it that far. They were born via emergency c-section, weighing 3lbs 10oz and 2lbs 5oz. By the grace of God they had very minimal and minor set backs during their 1 and 1.5 month NICU stay.

Grey and Paisley are now strong, healthy and happy 2.5 year olds. We couldn't imagine them not here, together, and thank God daily for our DOUBLE blessing!" -Danielle

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