“At the age of 20, I was brutally raped. I was sent to the hospital for critical care and was later interrogated by the police. One officer told me that he had never seen somebody in such bad condition after rape. I was a survivor. "You're lucky," he said.

About a month later I received news that I was close to 3 months pregnant as a result of the assault. I was terrified. I was advised to abort this child, who in my family's eyes would be recognized as a murder's spawn. But, my heart sunk deep into my chest at the thought of abortion. Because then, I would be the murderer. So I set my feet onto a firm foundation of faith and decided to choose LIFE.

Immediately, my family left me. All two parents and three siblings. I was told that I wouldn't make it on my own, and that I could never raise a child without the support of my family. However, today I am 22-years-old, living in my own 2-bedroom apartment and attending school full-time, completing my Law Clerk diploma.

My father has now come to visit me in full support of my child. My daughter, Anaiyah-Jade, who just turned 1 last week, is more than a conqueror. She is a huge part of my purpose in life, and a reminder of renewed HOPE.

I am a survivor of rape, molestation, and Battered Women Syndrome. However, that is not my identity. Anaiyah-Jade was born, destined for greatness. She will bring hope to humanity, faith to unbelievers, and LOVE to those who need it. I could not be more thrilled to be in the position that I am in." - Cassie