"I want younger people to understand how abortion will affect them when they are older. I will be 62 soon. When you are young and pregnant, and you are given "permission" by law to abort your so-called fetus, fear can make that option attractive. Even as I was being wheeled into the surgical room in 1978, I was having misgivings, but it was surgery, so yeah, I was scared, but that is not the worst part. Afterward, my boyfriend took me to lunch and we moved on, eventually marrying each other. The problem? You never forget the baby you aborted...and it is a baby. He or she had eyes, fingers, toes, a beating heart and working brain...it was a baby. Once the babies you DID keep are grown and gone, you still never forget baby number-whichever-it-was. As you grow in faith in God, the realization that you murdered your child becomes difficult to live with, and even though you know God has forgiven you through your repentance, you never forgive yourself. There will always be that loss and it becomes immeasurable over time. Don't do it. Please give birth and put your beautiful baby up for adoption to the growing number of married couples who are unable to conceive and/or carry a baby to term. They will be eternally grateful. And God will bless you. Thanks for letting me share." Charli