“I messed up... 18 years ago I made the biggest mistake I could have ever made. I had an abortion......Because I was scared, young and in an abusive relationship, I was told that it was the best option for me. I had nowhere else to turn so I listened to them. I knew before they even finished that I regretted my actions. I knew before they began.... but they kept telling me that it was the best thing, that I would move on and it would become a faded memory..... It has not.... for 18 years I’ve wanted to kiss that sweet innocent baby’s head, to hold her close to me, to shower her with the love I should have given her. I can’t because of the choice I made. I want women to know that this is not something that ever leaves you. You will always remember, always wonder if they would have had your eyes, your hair, your complexion. You will always think about all of the millions of things that they could have accomplished with their life, had they been given the chance. Your heart is always going to long for your baby, the years help nothing........” -Amy


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