Marion Cozens

Marion Cozens

As the Founder, the desire to see WINGS Maternity Home flourish came from my own life experiences. I grew up in the foster care system in Scotland. I was lonely and scared. Everything and everyone felt temporary. I did NOT belong. I felt invisible and of no value. I felt like I was an inconvenience. I would walk the neighbourhood looking in the windows of other family homes and imagine what it would be like to be a part of their family. I pictured myself sitting around the dinner table sharing about my day. I craved to be a part of a family, to be seen and to be heard. 

In my desperation to fill the empty void in my life I got married at the young age of 17.  Over the years I had 4 beautiful and perfect daughters. However after 17 years of marriage, it failed and now I had the responsibility to raise 4 daughters as a single mother. The familiar feelings of fear and loneliness resurfaced. How was I going to meet the needs of my children alone? How was I going to support these beautiful girls who depended on me. I wanted to crawl into a dark room and hide. However,  I knew I could NOT do that. I had to make the CHOICE to be the mother these young girls needed. I had to dust off my sandals and move forward. God had given me these gifts. Four beautiful gifts, valuable beyond measure, full of love, life, laughter and potential. Through the reflection in my children's eyes, I recognized my value as a child of God. It was then that I found MY voice.

I was responsible to provide for my children the best LIFE I could. Although there were struggles as a single mom, my determination and with the help of others and through the Grace of God, I continued my education, securing good jobs and sometimes working 3 jobs at a time in order to pay the bills. As I grew more confident, my passion and intense desire to help other single mothers grew. Over 8 years ago my passion came to fruition and WINGS maternity home was born. 

The beautiful moms at WINGS Maternity Home touch my heart in so many ways. I can relate to their stories and struggles in so many ways. My passion, my drive, everything that is in me wants to see moms who enters through the WINGS door, find their voice and learn of their value and be able to pass that on confidently to their children. My goal is that all 67 women to date are equipped to meet their potential and be successful in whatever LIFE has in store for them. 

Currently, with our learning centre here at WINGS, we have seen 8 of our young moms enter College or University, moving forward on the path God has planned for them. The young women who never thought or believed they could accomplish such things in their lives, because they were pregnant or because of their lack of self worth, are now reaching their dreams, paving the way for the next generation. With the support and I mean incredible, tremendous support of a team of 30 volunteers, who invest in the heart, passion, and vision of WINGS, we have been able to be part of the LIFE of these remarkable young women and the lives of their precious children. 


To learn more, or to become a financial partner with this amazing ministry, please visit www.wingsmaternityhome.com

All pictures shown are used with permission from WINGS Maternity Home.