And it shouldn't surprise you...


We had a run-in with a self-proclaimed Nazi and while it shocked me at the time, after reflecting on the whole situation, I realized it doesn't really surprise me.

We had a CHOICE42 booth at an event at Faith Culture in Scarborough, ON. An older gentleman approached our table; he had lots of questions about abortion in Canada. After talking with him for about 5 minutes, to answer one of his questions, I mentioned how during WW2, Jews were considered to be less than human by the government and so it was okay to mistreat them and even kill them. The man interrupted me there with, "Jews aren't human!"

This was in Scarborough, Ontario in 2017. Unbelievable.  After his initial statement, he went on about how, 'Hitler was a gift to the world' and that, 'Jews should be wiped from the face of the earth'.  (Note: Rebecca was just about ready to explode at this point.)

But as shocking as this man's beliefs are, they don't surprise me. Why? Because our world does not value human life. Human beings are killed and discarded daily in our country and it is accepted by our people. Oh, and we're paying for it. I'm talking about abortion. Like the Jews in Germany during WW2, babies in the womb are denied their humanity and so our country believes it's perfectly fine to kill them.

So no, hate speech in 2017 doesn't surprise me one bit. Violence against fellow human beings doesn't surprise me either because if we can't recognize and value human life at its start, why should we do so at any point?

Which brings me to this:


Iceland is boasting that they are on pace to 'eliminate Down Syndrome through abortion'. This is not eliminating Down Syndrome, it's killing anyone who has it. I'm thinking Hitler would approve. This is eugenics at its finest and sadly, Canada is not far behind. With the advancements of prenatal testing, many if not most babies in Canada that receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome are killed before birth.

People! Wake up! This is 2017! I'm surprised I even have to say this, but: people with Down Syndrome deserve to live, Jews are human beings, and so are babies in the womb. 

Human life is precious. Every human being should be valued and treated with dignity and respect. Guess we have a lot of work to do...