"I was a bright 20 year old college student when I was raped one night after drinking by a man I'd been seeing. I was shocked, alone, and scared. Some people told me that my future would be ruined.

I knew that inside me was a life, and that it was my baby, regardless of what had happened. The next 9 months I endured shame and humiliation by society for being single and pregnant. But I knew that ...the baby inside me was a gift.

Then one day, my beautiful gift arrived. My life wasn't ruined. I finished school, I had a job, but above all that, I had the most fulfilling joy of motherhood, and I wouldn't trade that child for anything.

Today my gift is 6 years old and finishing kindergarten, and I married an amazing man that calls her his own. A baby is a blessing, no matter how hard the circumstance." - Karin

Story submitted to Choice42 May 20, 2016


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