“My unexpected pregnancy led to a series of months where I was extremely vulnerable and hopeless. I had $10.00 in my bank account, I was in between jobs, and the birth father tried multiple methods of intimidation in an attempt to isolate me and make me feel weak enough that I would terminate the pregnancy. It was awful. However, misery loves company and when I finally stopped seeking validation f...rom him and turned to people who, like me, valued the life and destiny of the unborn, it became evident to me what my heart desired. I chose life for my unborn child because I always saw myself as a parent one day and I believe that everything happens for a reason. My life needed accountability and I needed my decisions to matter. My son has helped evolve me into the person I always knew I could be; every day he teaches me the depth of what love really is. When you start making decisions fueled by unconditional love and selflessness, you begin to experience life through a perspective that you never knew was possible. It wasn’t easy and there are many challenges past and present, but I am strong enough and he is worth it because with great love, all things are possible.” - Tara