"In my teens I accidentally found out my mom had an abortion before my dad and her were married. Before she was saved. I was brought up in a Christian home with pro-life beliefs so it was devastating to me to learn I could have had an older brother or sister. When I confronted my parents they broke down and wept. Even though they knew they were forgiven, the consequence of their decision has left them with regret and remorse. I promised never to tell any of my siblings.

Later in life when I wanted to start my own family we struggled with miscarriage. My dad often felt like it was a consequence for "sins of the father," meaning the abortion they had. The ripple effect of abortion reaches so much farther than the person choosing to end a life can ever truly know. As a result of learning this truth from my parents past, I have become passionate about pro-life causes.

We had an unplanned pregnancy this past spring. I was overwhelmed. I understood for a fraction of a second how perhaps a mother might choose not to continue a pregnancy. I instantly felt ashamed. My daughter was not quite 3 and my son had just turned 1. The news came at such a stressful time. It was hard. But we accepted it and began to look forward to this new life inside me. Sadly, I miscarried for the 3rd time on July 4th. I was devastated. After taking a few months to heal and grieve we have decided that we do indeed want a third child now." - Anonymous