"I was married with 2 young children when I could no longer take my husband's heavy drinking. I kicked him out and he never made contact with me during the 3 months we were separated. When I made the decision to seek a divorce, my son got sick and was hospitalized. That's when his father showed up and wanted to get back together. Soon I found out I was 3 months pregnant. That means I got pregnant just before I kicked him out. God had allowed me to get pregnant so we can strive to save our marriage. But at that moment all I kept thinking was, "I don't want to have another child in case he leaves and then I'd be stuck with 3 kids." So I made a selfish decision and had an abortion.

I was put out so I felt no pain before, during or after the abortion. And because I had felt no pain, it was easy to discard the horrible thing I did. I felt no remorse, no shame, no conviction. About a year later we both became born-again Christians.

Perhaps 10 years passed by when I was driving downtown one day. I stopped because the street light was red. I glanced over to see a bunch of people holding signs of bloody babies. I was horrified. Before the light turned green, I asked one of the protesters what this was all about. He told me they were protesting the abortion clinic in the area and gave me a brochure. As I drove off, I peeked at the brochure. Intrigued, I pulled over and examined it. The abortion I had in the past came to my memory and I cried with bitterness because I finally felt remorse, shame and conviction.

When I got home I prayed asking God to forgive me for killing my baby. Eventually, after much prayer, I finally felt at peace with God. I finally felt God had forgiven me.

Another ten years later, I did a Bible study specifically geared towards post-abortion women. It was then that God revealed the sex and name of my baby who is in heaven: a boy named David.

I have a dream to open a centre for women in pregnancy crisis so I can give them all the necessary information so they can make an informed decision about the future of their babies. I hope they will heed my advise and NOT have an abortion because sooner or later a woman comes face-to-face with the reality of the death of an innocent baby. And even though God heals your heart, you never forget it." -Yolanda