Elena's little sister and her son, Aaron.

Elena's little sister and her son, Aaron.

"I was 15 going on 16 when I became pregnant with my first child. I was a child having a child!

It was very difficult for me because my mother was a single mom raising me and I did not want to give her more stress. Plus, my own mother was pregnant! She was due with my sister in April and my son was due the November after...imagine how scared I was to even tell my mother.

I was thinking of my options... abortion was my 1st thought. Why? Because I was scared! So I went to my family doctor. She was like, 'Well your sister could adopt the baby'! I was like, 'No way'!! So I heard of a young mothers group - it was in a Catholics Children's Aid Society building back then in 1988. I was so thankful I went there because they helped me so much to not make this choice I was thinking about.

Honestly I could not imagine my life without my son Aaron- he is an amazing young man! He has a huge heart and loves mommy. Plus he has given me two amazing grandkids who I adore. God is good and has blessed me.

So I would say to any young mom to be out there: do not abort your unborn child. Give this baby a chance and you will see he or she will be a blessing in your life! Honestly, if you think you cannot, then at least give the chance to a family who could love and nurture him or her! " -Elena

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