"I found out after my mom's death that she had a child as a teenager. Not only an unwed teen mom, but the father was black. Apparently it was a big scandal back in the 60's. She died fearing that if I ever found out, that I would think badly of her. I so badly wish she had told me! What she did by giving that child up for adoption is not something for shame. It's the bravest, strongest most loving thing she, or any one out there now, could have done! I am nothing but thankful for and proud of her decision to choose life for her daughter! My only regret is that she died with this fear instead of telling me so that I could have told her how awesome she was and how incredibly proud of her I am for it.

Ladies, choosing adoption does not make you weak or irresponsible or any other shameful thing you could wrongly imagine. It is the strongest, bravest, most selfless, most loving thing you could do! Be someone's miracle!" -Arthur