"We found out at our anatomy scan that our little girl had full trisomy 13 (Patau Syndrome) and would not live (lots of these babies live despite what doctors predict, but ours had too many fatal abnormalities and we did not expect her to even make it to term initially). Abortion was offered, of course, but we named her and carried on. She was born almost a month ago on August 19th, and despite her weak and incredibly broken body she lived for 3 amazing days. The 3 hardest and most stressful days of our lives, and we would gladly do it all again a hundred times. We got to meet her, love her, introduce her to our family. She got to meet her big sister. She showed us she wanted to live, and that in itself affirmed our decision to give her as much time as God would allow her to have.

Give yourself the chance to meet your child and to love them. An abortion is no way to meet your baby. Death is hard either way, whether you witness it or it happens in the privacy of your womb. Should your baby die of his or her symptoms, you can comfort them through it and love them while they leave this earth. An abortion denies you the chance to do that. You will never regret giving them a chance at life."