“I'm going to share something very very personal on here about why I'm so passionate about being pro-life, Pro-woman and pro-child.

When I was 19, and in my second year of college, I got pregnant. My two best friends were gone in college as well, doing their own thing, and the two friends I had left here I quickly realized were not really my friends. I needed love. I needed support. I needed to know that I could do it!!

N****n told me that I couldn't do it. He said "you're only 19, you're still in college, your relationship with the baby's father sucks, and you're just a minimum wage cashier. You should get an abortion. I'll support you if you decide to get one.". What?? You're my best friend but the only way you'll support me is if I get an abortion??!! The other "friend" was my ex who insisted we remained friends. He was always there for me when Tommy and I were fighting but as soon as I told him I was pregnant the first words out of his mouth were "I hope you decide to get rid of it." Owch. Get rid of it? If you care about me shouldn't you care about my child? Obviously I seperated myself from that kind of company and had really great parents who told me way before I was ever pregnant or even out of school that "if you can make one excuse not to accomplish something, you can make other excuses not to accomplish something. You can do whatever you set your mind too" Yes, an unexpected pregnancy could be an excuse. But I didn't let it stop me. I finished both years at Corning regardless.

I'm so lucky I had my parents and boyfriend ( Thomas) to lean on. You see, when I told my parents the first thing out of my dad's mouth was "we will take the baby if you don't want to be a mother right now" Wow! Talk about amazing! My friend Caitlin was also super supportive. Thank you Cait. You'll never know how much it meant. And Tommy was always supportive and firm about me not going for an abortion. It was "his son" even before we knew it was a boy. Guys don't be afraid to tell your babies mothers that you do not want them to get an abortion. Sometimes it's what we really really need and want to hear.

My point is, women need support. Real loving caring support. When my "friends" told me they would support me if I terminated my pregnancy, it felt like that was the only way they would stay my friends and that was the only way they'd support me. (And it was true, but that's ok). Don't be afraid to actually offer to help them through a pregnancy and through their journey into motherhood. Women need support. Women need to know you care about them and their child. And anyone who reads this and is struggling, know that I care! I want to help! You are amazing and strong! And you and your child are irreplaceable and priceless.” -Katrina