“In spring of 2016, I packed up all my bags and left an emotionally abusive relationship. I drove from 900 km with my 2002 Toyota Corolla packed to the brim, including two cats. I never looked back. That relationship hurt me in more ways than it did not. I was psychological and emotionally broken. Shortly after moving to Windsor, I met a guy who told me all the right things. He was a party guy, he loved to have fun, and after being through what I went through it seemed like the perfect relationship.

4 months later, I found out I was pregnant. I was only in my second year of University, and I was scared. Despite my boyfriend telling me abortion was not an option, he did not want to help me. He gave me $40 and a playpen despite all the promises of being a family and doing it together. He started to deny that the baby was his, and therefore had left me to deal with everything on my own.

Abortion started to cross my mind. The self doubt started to roll in. How was I going to raise this baby on my own? How was I going to finish my education? Single motherhood had such an awful stigma attached, and I never planned to have this title. I felt hopeless.

Fast forward almost two years. My son is extremely loved, happy, cared for and full of life. He has curly hair, a distinct personality, and has a belly laugh that will light up a room. His father has yet to want to meet him, and that's okay. I will cross that bridge whenever it comes up, but as of today I live in the moment by surrounding my son with as much love as possible.

I am entering my last semester of University with Honours, and I am writing the LSAT in September to hopefully attend Windsor Law in Fall 2020. I live on my own with my son while staying on top of my school work and also volunteering at a local animal shelter.

Life has a funny way of working out. I know that abortion can seem like a great solution, an easier solution. I will admit that being pregnant and alone was not fun. Taking a shorter 4 month maternity leave was not fun. Staying up till 2am doing assignments running on 2 hour sleep increments was not fun. Dealing with my son's multiple health issues on my own was not fun. But I would be the first to tell you that I have never felt more empowered as a woman. My son has pushed me to succeed in more ways that I would have if I had an abortion. I am pursuing my goals to become a lawyer so I can show him that single low-income mothers can beat the odds.

If you are stuck between abortion and choosing life, just know that you are capable of beating the odds too. Women are capable of being unstoppable, successful, and badass. You can do it. I believe in you.”

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