“When I was in High school I thought I met ‘the love of my life’. Fifteen and foolish of course.
Time went on and I was trying to stay abstinent because I was not ready. He ended up forcing me out of my virginity of course. I thought it was love. I didn't want to have sex still. My young foolish self stayed. Yet again ...forced me....still thinking it was ‘love’.

That second time I got pregnant. Once we found out, he ran off. I was scared, young, and had no idea what to do. Of course abortion came to mind. Yet I did not want to take a child's life. My parents brought up adoption. In my heart I wanted nothing to do with any of those. Adoption is a beautiful thing but not for me.

In the end, I kept my son. I still graduated high school.

My son is now 7 years old. I wouldn't change a thing because it is a huge life lesson. My child is my whole world now. I'm happy I kept him. My son was conceived through rape. But I chose to keep this beautiful amazing outgoing child of mine. I now have an amazing boyfriend who is an amazing father to him.

It may be rough and scary in the beginning, but I chose my son over everyone's negative opinions and being a young single teenage mom. I made the choice to let my child have his life. “