"At the age of 16, a doctor told me that I was pregnant. After feeling a bit of shock at first, I reasoned that I could do this, and began to prepare to have a baby. After telling my Mom that I was pregnant, she told me that I was only 16, and should have this “operation” and forget about it. So I thought, oh, I can just get un-pregnant; and it is ok with my Mom, the doctors, the government and my... boyfriend too. So I thought it must be ok, and ignorantly went into that hospital and just tried to forget the ordeal.

However, ten years later, still hoping to meet a nice guy, get married and have a family, I got pregnant the second time. This time my boyfriend went into a fit of rage when I told him I was pregnant, and raged that I better have an abortion, and he never wanted to see me again. Devastated, I left. The doctor told me I was about 8 or 9 weeks pregnant. I asked him what was developed, and he put a dot on a page and told me it was just a “clump of tissue” nothing, and that it was a safe procedure. So at 26 I had that second induced abortion in an abortion clinic, while WIDE AWAKE during the whole horrific process. I felt excruciating pain searing through my abdomen, and cried for them to stop it. When it was over, I curled up into a fetal position and felt like my brain had snapped. I was never the same. I couldn’t talk for some time. I just wanted to die the next few weeks. I fell into a deep depression and isolated myself, leaving my good job, and not caring about myself…drinking more and taking more drugs. I got an infection after this abortion. The shame of not knowing the father's last name in a one night stand I had about a year later, was enough for me to go to the hospital for a 3rd abortion.

After I learned the truth about fetal development, I was distraught. For many years I suffered with deep remorse, depression, substance abuse, grief and the guilt of having my own children killed by doctors. I also ended up with having to have two lumps removed from my left breast, along with a damage cervix and uterus. Abortion is NOT a safe surgical procedure and it killed my children. It is a miracle I was able to have my son, albeit by C-section as my cervix could not dilate. We wanted more children, but I was never able to have any more children. He is an only child, and such a blessing. Many of my friends who aborted, could NEVER have children after their legal abortions! For over 20 years I have been a voice for my children who had no voice, and I try to warn pregnant women of the damage of abortion to our mental and reproductive health. As well as bring humanity to children in the womb."