“I got pregnant when I had just turned 19. I was half way through my university program, had a part-time job and had been dating my boyfriend for ten months. It feels wrong saying these words today but when I found out, I felt like a failure; I was just numb with shock. My moral beliefs were put through the ultimate test because I knew I didn’t believe in abortion. The only choice for me has always been to raise my son and I think once I realized that, it allowed me to move forward and change my plan, which wasn’t as difficult as it seems. I am still in University part-time online, and I’m a semester away from graduating.

I wake up every morning to a little person jumping on me, slapping my face, kissing me and smiling at me. I have not felt any serious wave of depression since my son was born 9 months ago. I have learned patience like never before and I can say with confidence that I am a damn good mother.

My son has allowed me to realize my priorities. I have cried so much more this year than in my entire life, and I mean happy tears. My son loves me unconditionally, without wanting anything from me, he will just look at me, kiss me and cuddle me for no reason and there is no feeling more freeing than that.” - Julia


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